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Attending HotStorage


Please use the following link to register for free.


How to Attend

HotStorage will be held in a virtual format. We will host a Zoom webinar (the link will be made available on the day before the workshop to all registered attendees) and there will also be a YouTube live stream. During the paper sessions, we will play recordings of the talks and there will be a live Q&A with the authors after each paper. The Keynote and the Panel are given live.

We have a Slack Workspace with different channels for each session. Questions for a specific paper should be asked in the corresponding channel. Use the following link to join the HotStorage Slack workspace:


The channels for the different sessions are below (you need to be part of the HotStorage workspace for the channel links to work):

Day 1, Tuesday, July 27
#d1-s1-flashSession 1: Flash Systems
#d1-s2-distributedSession 2: Distributed Storage

Day 2, Wednesday, July 28
#d2-s3-newtechSession 3: New Technologies
#d2-s4-characterizationSession 4: Characterization and Verification