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Keynote Speakers

Orran Krieger - Storage Research in an Open Cloud

Abstract: While cloud computing is transforming society, today's public clouds are black boxes, implemented and operated by a single provider that makes all business and technology decisions. In 2014 we launched the Mass Open Cloud (MOC) with the vision of creating a production cloud that would enable innovation by a broad industry and research community. This open cloud has become a laboratory for cloud research and innovation, resulting in 100s of publications, contributions to open source software, and collaborations between researchers, open source developers, and production operations staff. This talk will discuss some of the storage research and initiatives that have gone on in the MOC ecosystem, our future directions, and some of the demands we see on storage going forward.

Bio: Orran Krieger is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University. Despite an ongoing effort to focus on research and avoid responsibility, he is the Co-Director of the Red Hat Collaboratory@BU and is involved in a set of interrelated Open Cloud projects, including the Mass Open Cloud (MOC), Open Research Cloud Initiative (ORCI), and Open Cloud Testbed (OCT). Before coming to BU as a Fellow of the Hariri Institute for Computing, he spent five years at VMware starting and working on vCloud. Prior to that, he was a researcher and manager at IBM T. J. Watson, leading the Advanced Operating System Research Department, working on the K42 operating system and contributing to projects like PHYP, Cell, PERCS, rHype, Linux, sHype and even contributing a couple of instructions to the Power architecture. Orran obtained his PhD and MASc degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto where he worked on the Hurricane and Tornado Operating Systems and the Hector and NUMAchine multiprocessors.